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Cigar Rollers for Boston and New England from CF Dominicana - we are not limited to the Boston area only. As we mentioned on our home page, we serve all fo New Englad. Even more, CF is the only Dominican CIgar Brand that provides cigar roller entertainment with imported cigars direct to the consumer. Only Davidoff provides cigar rollers for events however, these events are restricted to stores that carry their brand.


Through our events department, we provide custom cigar bands, cigar servers, and of course, cigar rollers which are planned with our in house event planers to make every details come alive on the Big Day - we event go as far as matching the Bridesmaid's dress color when deisgning the custom bands for extreme attention to detail.


THe objective is to get our CF Dominicana brand experienced by new cigar lovers. Also, because CF Dominicana is a premium cigar brand, you receive no inferior tobacco or hidden scrap tobacco leaves which is all too common in the States - our tobacco is maintained at premium standards and CF Dominicana provides superior cigars. We import the cigars rolleed for the event unfinished from teh factory in the Dominican Republic to be completed live in front of your guests for an experince they will remember long after the party is over.

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